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GeneRacing – a top down arcade racing game

Multiplayer support

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GeneRacing compatibility

Full compatibility to all existing GeneRacing-Tracks

Full compatibility to all existing GeneRacing-Tracks

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Become a team member of GeneRacing!

IT-Monk (the company behind GeneRacing) is looking for an Unity C# developer, Website administrator and a 3d artist for our GeneRacing project. All work could be remote of course, but we are really prefered austrian based colleagues to improve scrum based workflows.

Of course we have to point out that our cooperation is not a classic employment relationship. GeneRacing as a project is currently seen as a non-profit project. Our goal is to be cost-covering. For this reason, all team members are currently on duty „on a voluntary basis“ and are not paid.

We do it, because we love it.

Our goal is to leverage crowdfunding costs, partially with retroactive effect, and to use part of it for future development.

Should such a crowdfunding project be successful, we will involve team members fairly and appropriately.

All members have to sign a Nda (non-disclosure agreement) to keep it company internal. This is mandatory for all project participants.


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