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Alpha 0.0.7c is out

//Alpha 0.0.7c is out

Alpha 0.0.7c is out

Update / Alpha 0.0.7c / Changelog

# [GEN-3] - Spawn of pit-boxes
# [GEN-8] - Softwall smaller 5%
# [GEN-37] - Updated, improved and changed Qualifiying End Race Panel
# [GEN-38] - Changed instantiatet objects to static to improve performance
# [GEN-39] - Change userlogin loggin to one time instead of every scene loading
# [GEN-43] - Change countdown text to red outline - for a better look
# [GEN-45] - Changed MaxSpeed/TopSpeed Slider to 900
# [GEN-46] - Changed HouseObject to instantiated house with correct scale
# [GEN-28] - Fixed two lobby/room bugs (connect/disconnect/reconnect)
# [GEN-29] - Very high GPU load at main menue
# [GEN-33] - Pitbox-Behavior improved, car cannot pull crew to the end of the world
# [GEN-34] - Car Mesh names are wrong
# [GEN-35] - pitbox.cs - wheel assignments for crew is wrong
# [GEN-44] - Handles Quali-Panels correct if quali mode is enabled/disabled
# [GEN-47] - Fixed/Changed Tiregrip for PhysicsPanel
# [GEN-49] - Synced TireSmoke (Sand) over the network
# [GEN-52] - Show Track-Screenshot was not showing screenshot > fixed (if track is loaded one time!)
+ [GEN-14] - PitBox Implimentation (pitbox.cs)
+ [GEN-40] - Added Alpha-Version Stamp to make sure that any users plays an alpha
+ [GEN-50] - Added option to change visual smoothing for player in physicspanel
+ [GEN-32] - Added GameVersion to start menue
+ [GEN-41] - Added QualiSettings send and handle to the Clients
- Analyse existence of wheel collider
- Steamworks init handling is missing
- Check if Trackfile Exists (+ CRC Check)
- Networkaudio is missing (play sound for all cars)
- Endracepanel show wrong results
- Softwall/Hay bale not using the correct material for bouncing
- Fence collider is missing
- Stone object needs a correct implimentation
- Selected Tracklist are not synced after room join
- CreateRoom Error Handling must be extended
- Unvollständige tracks errorhandling fehlt
- Trees need other colliders or trigger-collider + drag-handling for car so that it is not possible to get caught
- TrackCounter Bug (Tracklist) if Master set the setting before other players are joining
- Peoples missig
- Grass, Mud, Gravel and Snow behavior missing
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Of course we have to point out that our cooperation is not a classic employment relationship. GeneRacing as a project is currently seen as a non-profit project. Our goal is to be cost-covering. For this reason, all team members are currently on duty „on a voluntary basis“ and are not paid.

We do it, because we love it.

Our goal is to leverage crowdfunding costs, partially with retroactive effect, and to use part of it for future development.

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