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Alpha 0.0.7d out

//Alpha 0.0.7d out

Alpha 0.0.7d out

Release notes – GeneRacing – Version Alpha0.0.7d

* [GEN-62] – Impliment Bug/Issue/Ticket-Link in the game
* [GEN-63] – Impliment changelogs in the about
* [GEN-70] – Added four more car-colors
* [GEN-71] – Added downforce-functionality for jumps
* [GEN-76] – Added first frontlights for the car (for the first tests), KeyCode: L
* [GEN-79] – Added day and night controller for the first light/night tests (Keycode: N)
* [GEN-80] – Added NetworkStats for deep inspection (networking), Keycode: F5
* [GEN-84] – Ádded Quali-Ready button functionality
* [GEN-88] – Added JumpDownForce to Phyiscs and physics panel to adjust it for tests
* [GEN-89] – Added Settings-PopUp for the first settings (music-volume)
* [GEN-95] – Added Room-Lock icon to close/open the own room as Master

* [GEN-28] – fixed two lobby/room bugs (connect/disconnect/reconnect)
* [GEN-59] – Quali End Panel is not working
* [GEN-65] – Qualifiying starting grid text is to small
* [GEN-66] – Set Low and Highsteering to invisible because of non-usage at the moment
* [GEN-67] – Fixed 0-values for quali-sliders
* [GEN-68] – Worldgravity changed from -15f to realistic -9,8f
* [GEN-72] – SteamAvatar is not showing of non-steam-friends
* [GEN-73] – PopUp Screenshot is not closable / X functionality is missing
* [GEN-74] – FlatBridge scaling is wrong
* [GEN-75] – ConcretePost collider is missing
* [GEN-78] – Fixed Nyrporl.trk for Version 1.05, added lights
* [GEN-81] – Added first “Alpha-Tester” Steam achievement for every alpha-tester
* [GEN-82] – Added CurrentRoom.Isopen = false after RaceStart (RaceManager) to avoid joining after start
* [GEN-83] – Fix “RaceEnd” car behaviour (mesh/physics/colliding after race end)
* [GEN-87] – Fixed Screenshot-Change bugs and Scenechanging bugs which are regarding to shader-changes
* [GEN-90] – Resized HouseNew again -26%
* [GEN-96] – Fixed CrLf chat bug
* [GEN-97] – Fixed losing focus on inputfield after sending chatmessage
* [GEN-98] – Playerlist entry “ready” in Room is freaking out sometime > fixed > changed to one textline which is changing
* [GEN-100] – Fixed PopUpClose at 2nd popup (car is not enabled after closing 2nd popup)
* [GEN-101] – Fixed missing create-button on lobby (if reconnect is very fast)
* [GEN-102] – Fixed disconnect bug and implimented rejoin-possibility

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Of course we have to point out that our cooperation is not a classic employment relationship. GeneRacing as a project is currently seen as a non-profit project. Our goal is to be cost-covering. For this reason, all team members are currently on duty „on a voluntary basis“ and are not paid.

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