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Alpha 0.0.7f is out

//Alpha 0.0.7f is out

Alpha 0.0.7f is out

Update / Alpha 0.0.7f / Changelog

# [GEN-36] - Pit Box running to car doesn't work correctly
# [GEN-54] - Chat lines are no line break
# [GEN-56] - Bridge is not colliding at the bottomside
# [GEN-57] - Lobby List is buggy if we exit a room - the room list is growing every time
# [GEN-112] - Fixed missing carcollission syncing over the network
# [GEN-119] - F3 Keycode is in use, changed to F6
# [GEN-125] - Changed Avatar-Border on track to the selected car-color to identifiy the own playerTab
# [GEN-126] - Fixed again some collission bugs over the network
# [GEN-127] - Changed wrong description (steering range) in physics panel to correct description (Steering speed)
# [GEN-129] - Fixed switch back to day (day/night controller) with original light settings
# [GEN-130] - Fixed frontlights of car (settings and position)
# [GEN-131] - Fixed Player Tab loading Bar for fuel and tires (starting default with full bars)
# [GEN-132] - Fixed loading bug of day/night controller (order of loading)
# [GEN-138] - Improved damage smoke to more realistic look
# [GEN-139] - Disabled antistuck-system for wheels per default
# [GEN-140] - Fixed "no screenshot available" bug

+ [GEN-120] - Save to each lap if the setup was modified or not, to see which bestlap is done with original setup (marked with -> (m))
+ [GEN-122] - Added fuel-empty speed / if fuel is under 10% the speed is limited to 1/5 of speed
+ [GEN-123] - Enabled fuel consumption and pitbox fill up for fuel
+ [GEN-124] - Added damage behavior for car (damage >70 changes steering)
+ [GEN-128] - Set all instantiated lights to disabled by default - to handle it later in day/night mode
+ [GEN-133] - Added lamp/light control of day/night controller - automatic lamp switch depending on time
+ [GEN-134] - Added World Records PopUp with best racers overall
+ [GEN-135] - Added more infos to world record-scoreboard
+ [GEN-136] - Added 72 new tracks to the local cache
+ [GEN-137] - Added refresh button to the WR-scoreboard
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Of course we have to point out that our cooperation is not a classic employment relationship. GeneRacing as a project is currently seen as a non-profit project. Our goal is to be cost-covering. For this reason, all team members are currently on duty „on a voluntary basis“ and are not paid.

We do it, because we love it.

Our goal is to leverage crowdfunding costs, partially with retroactive effect, and to use part of it for future development.

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